Best of Top 10 open source projects in 2013

Koha – (education) Getting started with Koha, an open source library system

OpenStack – (cloud computing) How OpenStack differs from Amazon and must rise to the occasion

CourseFork – (education) Coursefork: a new way to collaborate on open education

DocHive (open data) Journalist creates open source solution to extract data from PDFs

Docker (server environments) Open source engine Docker teams up with the Fedora Project

Project Libre – (project management) ProjectLibre edges in on Microsoft Project dominance

OpenDaylight – (networking) OpenDaylight Project aims to shape the future of Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Zanata – (translation) Zanata, an open source translation platform

]open-project[ – (project management) Open source project management on the rise

Open source beehives – (design) The open source solution to the bee colony collapse problem

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